Foundation For The Advancement Of Science And Technology In Iran


Rahyaft/No.36/Summer 2005







Education and Research  

Evolution of Higher Education: Historical Changes and Problems Facing by Developing Countries

 H. Arasteh


National Capacity Building

A. A. Moosavi – Movahedi, A. Kiani Bakhtiari, A. Eskandari


The Role of Universities in Decreasing of The Brain Drain

A. Sadeghi, N.Ofoghi 


Development Strategies for Human Resources in Electronic Industry

M. Bastenegar 


A Simple, Scientific – Applied Model for Decision Making in R&D Centers

M. Ayazi , H. Ghadirian


Future Study; Concepts and Approaches

H. Moradipour , M. Noroozian


Information System  

Evaluation of Iranian Journals Indexed in The Institute of Scientific Information

A. A. Saboury 


A Survey of Information – Seeking Behaviour of the Academics in Iranian Medical Universities

M. Salajegheh, Z.Hayati  


The Inefficiency of Impact Factor (IF) in the Evaluation of Scientific Articles

M. Amani , A.Babaahmadi


Introducing of Global Foundations on Cultivation of Elites 

German Academic Exchange Service

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschadienst (DAAD)

A. Shockravi


An Introduction to The Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC)

J. Chamani 


John Templeton Foundation

A. Nowrouzi 


Max Planck Society

E. Abouzari- Lotf , M. Abouzari- Lotf